You can reach the summit of success faster than 99% of individuals if you know the right people and speak their language at an impeccable level.

I believe in my mind that you need to be equipped with the perfect knowledge of the English language on your path to greatness in any field.

Self-mastery is key when it comes to achieving outstanding results. You can do it under the right guidance and with a growth mindset developed by the immersion into the English language.


Pavel Gubanov was born in a small town in the Moscow region called Dmitrov. Spending his childhood and school years in a dormitory with his family, Pavel always had a vision of becoming a master of his life. The 1994 crisis in the Russian economy deprived Pavel’s family of all its savings as well as revealed a fraud in the investment to the newly built apartment building. The 1998 economic crisis was another financial and emotional blow to his family. This was the period when Pavel started to study the English language obsessively.



Being already in love with the English language for several years, Pavel knew he’d never stop his journey, but decided to get a degree in IT just to realize a year later that he was bored and unhappy. He then made a firm decision to connect his life with English. After several months of grueling work with professional teachers, he got accepted into the most prestigious university in Russia. Pavel was offered a position of a teacher of English in a private language school while being a sophomore. He studied in the evenings and worked during the day. It took Pavel 4 hours a day to travel from his hometown to the university. Being taught by the best teachers of English in the industry and practicing long hours on a daily basis, Pavel was able to develop perfect pronunciation, deep understanding of grammar and advanced reading and writing skills.




After reaching an advanced level of English and showing great results as a teacher, Pavel was chosen to work as a group leader in a well-known company “English First” only to be appointed deputy manager at 23 being the youngest manager working in


While traveling around the world and enjoying the company of the top managers and owners of other businesses, he noticed that many of the high-ranking employees and owners of the companies spoke very little English. This inspired the idea of creating a special course for businessmen, entrepreneurs and other individuals who wish to make a breakthrough achievement in their business and life.


Pavel is obsessed with sharing his knowledge and experience in a unique blend of English classes, motivation and solid business experience.



Malta. He is forever grateful for the support and mentorship of the principal of the language school he started his career in, who gave him such a chance. However successful Pavel was, he always dreamed of growing. He wanted to utilize his knowledge of English and get business experience to lead a more exciting and fulfilling life.

Leaving his career as a teacher in a small town, he joined an international company as an assistant to the brand manager. Pavel was promoted three months later to a brand manager and became the head of the purchasing department 9 months afterwards. The career seemed fast and promising but the financial crisis of 2009 hit, sales dropped and everyone had to face the unknown. At that very moment Pavel was offered partnership in a small startup in pet industry. Being a risk-taker, he agreed to jump out of the comfort zone only to find himself becoming a key person in the fastest growing company in its niche 3 years later. 



Pavel found his love on the internet in 2006 when it was much more uncommon than it is today. However, the distance between the two cities was 2000 kilometers, his future wife and he traveled for two years to each other by train before getting married in 2010. Now they are a family of four loving people who are open and passionate about living their dream. All the experiences, ideas and knowledge that Pavel shares are supported by his family and he is immensely grateful for that. In his view family is the basis for success in any enterprise.


Pavel’s mission is to help people from around the world to become the best version of themselves by utilizing the knowledge of the English language and developing an insatiable hunger for growth and self-mastery. If you feel like joining an elite team, you are warmly welcome.



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