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After falling in love with English at the age of 13, I decided I wanted to become a native speaker. 

Even as a second language, I was able to communicate with the highest members of society, which has allowed me to reinvent myself and share the lessons with my students.

I am just a small-town guy who decided to become serious at the age of 21 by mastering the rules of powerful communication in English, which has let me join a group of high achievers.

My mission is to share the insights and strategies that can help you propel in your life and career. Will you join me?





Providing meaningful service to you..

You may have studied the English language in school or at a university but continue to make mistakes in speaking and writing. It’s sad because learning English is not as difficult as it seems at first sight. 

There is a myth that learning English can be boring and time consuming. It does require some time and effort, however, the process itself is a wonderful journey to a universe of opportunities and new discoveries. 

“A great combination of quality-price. The approach to teaching is really different I had some experience learning English in other language schools. The most important thing is a tangible result, however, you still need to do your homework.” - Yuliya Gizi




“With Pavel, I started studying on the recommendation of friends to prepare for the passing of the TOEFL iBT international exam. For 4 months of training I was able to prepare for the exam and successfully pass it. Pavel is an excellent teacher, the lessons were always interactive, and besides learning grammar and vocabulary expansion, they inspired, motivated to work on the maximum to achieve the goal. Without any doubt, I recommend it to my friends and acquaintances who want to make significant progress in the English language!” - Kirill Belyaev
“My name is Irina. I'm one of the highly motivated Pavel's students. I'm not a top-manager and I'm not going to take an international exam. My goals were to learn how to speak English fluently and read English books in the original. My achievements after our lessons: I organized a trip to China by myself, gained overall confidence, and found a couple of foreign friends.

I've read Paulo Coelho in English. Pavel is a perfect teacher for pro-active people who are interested in self-development.

My next goal with him is to be able to study online course at Harvard University." - Irina Andreeva
“I started to learn English with Pavel after my friend’s recommendation. My goal was to pass TOEFL iBT test. Four months later, I passed it successfully. Pavel is a great teacher. His classes were always interactive and inspiring to say the least! I highly recommend Pavel my friends who want to make a substantial progress in learning English.” - Olga Andreeva
“I have taken classes with Pavel since January of 2016. I needed help to prepare for IELTS in one month’s time. In the beginning, I thought that one month was not enough, but I successfully passed the exam end enrolled at the university. After several more months of classes, I could easily understand lectures in English without translation of every word into Russian. I always look forward to lessons with Pavel because after them I get a "charge
of energy and motivation" to continue and to not give up.”
- Anna Savitskaya

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