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From zero to one in the English language in six months

Learning a second language may seem complicated and boring at first sight, but it’s not true. The process does require time and diligence from the learner’s side. However, it energizes and inspires a learner a lot too

There are four things you need to have a significant improvement in your language skills:

1) A knowledgeable, responsible and inspiring teacher who works face to face with you. He will choose the best plan for you and will be very supportive if you do your homework in a proper way.


2) A good dictionary. You can use either a paper or a digital version. However fast technology spreads, paper dictionaries can help to accumulate a vast amount of knowledge. One can learn a lot by looking up one word while simultaneously learning other phrases and examples of the most beautiful language on the planet.


3) Great textbooks. A lousy textbook may spoil everything while a good one can make the learning process smooth and pleasurable. Your teacher, if chosen properly, will guide you and offer the ones that suit you best.


4) Time. Learning takes time. You will need at least two face-to-face classes a week with your teacher and three to five hours a week by yourself. Spend at least two hours of uninterrupted work at home and the rest time while commuting to work, working out in the gym or even cooking. These days thousands of audios and videos are available at all levels.


Having a good command of the English language will propel your career, improve your family life and give you a chance to connect with hundreds of influential people on the planet in just six months.


- Pavel Gubanov