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How to Get an MBA in Your Car?

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Traffic has been getting worse not only in big cities like Moscow, New York or Berlin but in small towns too. Spending a lot of time in your car draws a lot of energy from people and stresses them out. However, if you use your time wisely, it can be very beneficial.

An average person spends about 1,5 – 2 hours a day in their car. It’s about 700 hours a year! Instead of listening to the radio shows which bring nothing more than fun, you can listen to the lectures of the top minds of the planet from the best universities around the world. You can also enjoy listening to the interviews with people who have achieved stupendous results in various fields. You can listen to audiobooks to expand your knowledge of history, business, psychology or any other field that you are interested in. In addition to that, 90% of the information is free of charge. Why not get an MBA degree in your car and save about 40 000 - 70 000 USD? Make an academy out of your car while others are idling time and complaining about their life.

The only investment you should make to get access to this huge ocean of knowledge is the English language. It will worth every dollar invested in it and the investment will only appreciate with years. Don’t wait when New Year comes like the majority of people. Sign up now.