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How To Save A Lot of Money With The Help of the English Language

Here are five ways to help you save a substantial amount of money by knowing the English language

1. Many families these days send their children abroad to study. However, only a few families can afford it. Once a child reaches a decent level of English, they can apply for a grant and get educated for free thus saving thousands of dollars.

2. These days many people consider getting an MBA, and the majority will prefer to get to a top business school outside of Russia. It's an essential step in any career as well as a new challenge for an employee, executive or the owner of a company. However, only 3-5% of people can afford to spend 50 000 - 70 000 USD in Russia especially taking into account the exchange rate. If you have a good command of the English language, you have access to such a vast pool of knowledge that you can do without a formal degree while growing exponentially as a person and in your career. First, there are several free resources such as Coursera, EdX, Khan Academy where you can get educated by the most outstanding people on our planet. Second, you can read books and follow the legendary leaders in various fields. There hundreds of books that haven't been translated into the Russian language. Josh Kaufman made this his career and created www.personalmba.com where you can get your MBA in one book by him and extend your knowledge by reading 99 more books from the list. This book was translated into Russia, but many more fascinating books and articles are still available only in the English language.

3. Whether we want it or not, the majority of the most advanced researchers, innovators in business, education and sport live outside of Russia and spread their messages in the English language. No matter which occupation you currently have, it's essential that you know the English language to be on top of your game or at least be aware of the latest trends. The English language may not only help to make a breakthrough in your career but also save you from losing your job and not be replaced by technology.

4. If you are a parent, I assume you have a lot of questions about your child's upbringing. You can find so many answers in wonderful books like "Grit" by Angela Ducksworth, "The End of the average" by Tedd Rose, "Peak" by Anders Ericsson. None of these books are available in the Russian language yet, unfortunately. Once a parent can read in the original, a family can save substantially on going to therapists, coaches, and other professionals. Not all of the questions can be answered by reading a book, sometimes one will need a professional to step in, but quality books can answer many questions. It's critical you understand that while reading books at this level, you get access to the minds of the best people in the field. Hiring such people will require thousands of dollars if you ever reach them at all.

5. Being an active learner of the English language makes your mind do "mental exercises" on a regular basis which helps avoid many diseases, for example, Alzheimer. Learning process also stretches your mind so that it learns to think more creatively. Ignited creativity generates new ideas which can change your business and life.

As a conclusion, I'd like to say that no matter how old you are or how unsuccessful you might have been in English in your school or university, your mind can work miracles if you work under the guidance of a professional teacher.

- Pavel Gubanov