• Pavel Gubanov

Side hustle with the help of the English language.

One can do many things to make money using their knowledge of the English language while keeping their day job.

Let's have a look at some of them but keep in mind that you can be very creative and find more ways of utilizing your language skills.

1) You can give English classes via Skype or any other platform that you like. To give a class of English, you need to have a smartphone at hand and a textbook. Once you use an Ipad for example, you can upload a textbook not to carry additional weight with you. I am not talking about an easy path to becoming a teacher of English, it takes time, effort and money, but as a side hustle, you can teach Elementary and Intermediate level students. There is a huge number of students at these levels.

2) Let's assume you work in a marketing department in your day job and you are very good at making presentations. You can help other people in translating their presentations into the English language or creating the whole presentation in English. Such service is in demand and has lucrative rates.

3) If you are from HR department and you know how to build a great resume and write a compelling cover letter, you can offer your service both in Russian and in English. You can do it by yourself and charge a premium.

4) You can make a speech in English in front of the audience at a conference. Not only will you be accepted as an expert, but you will also be offered more speeches and get paid for them in the future.

If you are working on a serious project which requires a very good level of the English language (copywriting, speaking skills, etc.), please contact me. I will be able to offer you service from a very talented team of professionals including myself. All of the texts are proofread by native speakers(professional copywriters and masters of public speaking) from the point of stylistics and marketing.

- Pavel Gubanov

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